User terms of service

Written by:
BorderPass Corp.
Last updated:
March 2023

Borderpass itself is not a law firm and the software platform does not provide any legal services but our applications are reviewed by lawyers prior to submission

Borderpass software is not a law firm but a tool to guide you through the visa application process prior to review by a Canadian immigration lawyer. Borderpass software does not provide any legal service, advice, consultation, or recommendation to any individual or entity that creates a BorderPass account as a customer (“Users”). BorderPass solely provides a broker relationship between immigration lawyers and Users. BorderPass does not form any attorney-client relationship with any User through its question-and-answer platform and is not involved in any communications between the lawyers and Users, or any agreements between the lawyers and Users. Lawyers are not employees or agents of BorderPass but are independent service providers using BorderPass as a tool to assist in providing their services to Users.

In addition, please note that any communication that occurs with Users via email or live chat on the BorderPass platform is not considered legal advice. BorderPass and its software platform are not a substitute for legal advice, and any information provided through these channels is for informational purposes only. Users should seek the advice of a licensed attorney for any legal questions or concerns. BorderPass is not responsible for any actions taken by Users based on information provided through live chat or intercom.

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