Studying in Canada

June 2, 2021

So you have contemplated studying in Canada? Your reasons could be that you are looking for a world class education, to get your dream job, your long term goal is Canadian residency, or you simply want to use your studies as a gateway to travel abroad and experience everything Canada has to offer. Canadian University and Canadian Colleges offer world class educations. Whatever your reason, moving to another country is a big step in one’s life, and puts you into a number of unknowns and challenges. It is also a launching pad for opportunity, experience and adventure, giving you the chance to drastically improve your livelihood.

When taking this step, you are crossing a border and with that comes new rules, processes, sometimes new language and of course opportunity. You will look back at this time as a defining moment in your life and the process you take to establish your new residency will not only impact your study abroad experience, but also have long lasting effects on meeting your ultimate study abroad goals.

DIY or BorderPass?

You have the option to manage the regulations and applications regarding your visa yourself, or use BorderPass which is supported by Canadian immigration lawyers to guide you through this complex process and journey, ensuring that you put your best foot forward. BorderPass aligns with your long term goals by offering ongoing support throughout your stay in Canada, and places you in an elite club of international students who have chosen to use BorderPass’ sophisticated software platform to guide them through this transition.

You could attempt to manage this process yourself, but ultimately you wont know what you are missing or giving up. Immigrating to a new country is a high stakes transaction that should be taken seriously. BorderPass will give you the peace of mind that with this “Big Step” you are taken care of by managing everything from your application filing to ensuring your arrival and transition through customs is handled smoothly. And once you arrive in Canada, we are here to continue that support through to whatever dreams you have to work, study, and/or live abroad.

To get started and join our community visit us at! Also, stay connected with us on instagram! We look forward to greeting you in Canada :)

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