What is BorderPass

June 2, 2021

BorderPass is changing how we do immigration. Specializing in student immigration to Canada, our digital platform offers a clear, simple, guided, and secure process to get your student visa to come study in Canada. Answer a few questions, and our intelligent software will assess your eligibility, likelihood of being approved, and create a personalized document list that is specific to your application. While you are obtaining your key documentation, your BorderPass Canadian immigration lawyer will review all your support letters, study plan, and legal submissions to ensure you have the strongest application possible. You will be handheld and guided throughout this entire process.

After your student visa application is reviewed by a Canadian immigration lawyer, your application is submitted to the Canadian Government, and our team will handle all government communications and prepare you for any next steps including documentation and instructions for pre-arrival, entering Canada, and beyond.

Using our visa application platform also provides you with membership into the BorderPass Club. The Club offers complete support for all your needs as a Newcomer, from arrival to throughout your entire stay in Canada. We will manage all your immigration needs including visa extensions,  post graduate work permits, permanent residency applications, and citizenship applications. You will have access to essential services that all students will need once they arrive in Canada and throughout their stay. You will also have real time access to Canadian immigration lawyers should you have any questions or issues. These are just a few of the benefits that BorderPass Club members receive.

We look forward to assisting you, and please visit us at www.borderpass.ca, or send us an email at contact@borderpass.ca! Join our communities on Instagram and Facebook too!

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