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From studying, to working, to living, BorderPass is your trusted guide to immigration
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Centennial College has teamed up with BorderPass to provide immigration services for students and applicants

Actively enrolled students will receive a BorderPass Membership at no additional cost, including:

Get guidance and tools for visa applications, study permits, work permits, and more—all with personal support from Canadian immigration lawyers and experts.

BorderPass keeps you on track with key date reminders, document monitoring, and tools to help you plan a path to permanent residence.

Find a great place to live with BorderPass Housing. Match with compatible roommates and browse available spaces based on your personally preferences.

Simplify your search for comfortable, enjoyable, and save living arrangements.

Be financially prepared from the moment you're accepted with Canada's largest bank, RBC.

Enjoy zero-monthly fee banking, international money transfers, and an instantly approved Mastercard or Visa credit card.

Coming soon: Stay connected from the moment you land with mobile phone and data and home internet.

BorderPass stands by international students with additional services and offers from tax filing, credit building, auto leases, to loans and beyond. We help support every aspect of your new life in Canada.

"Our partnership with BorderPass will help minimize the stresses and strains international students experience when preparing for and transitioning to study here with us in Canada and beyond."

Dr. Craig Stephenson

President & CEO of Centennial College

BorderPass Coverage for Centennial College Students

Study Permit Application


Study Permit (With Past Refusal)


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Spouse Open Work Permit (Where Applicable)


Co-Op Work Permit


BorderPass Membership (Once Enrolled)


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