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Bridge the skills gap with streamlined immigration, recruitment, and support

Provide newcomer support and comply with immigration regulations, all while enhancing your brand as an employer of choice
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What is BorderPass

BorderPass is the premier immigration management platform, powered by legal experts, designed to improve the experience of employers and their international workforce.

Identify new recruits from a pool of international students whose academic and experience skillsets match with your employment gaps.

Gain early access to the next wave of trained talent to drive your business growth.
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Streamline the process of integrating international talent into your workforce, helping to facliitate a smooth transition and comply with immigration requirements—all while enhancing your brand as an employer of choice.

BorderPass helps ensure your new hires arrive ready and authorized, reducing onboarding times.
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Make informed decisions with access to detailed analytics on the immigration status and success rates of your international recruits.

This data helps tailor recruitment strategies and supports compliance with evolving immigration laws.
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June 21, 2024

BorderPass Partners with St. Thomas University to Enhance International Student Support

Providing comprehensive end-to-end support for international students, enriching their academic and professional journeys in Canada

Studying in Canada

How to Check Study Permit Status

Learn how to easily check the status of your study permit application in Canada.

Field Report

Preparing for IRCC Reforms

Minister Marc Miller reiterates the IRCC’s commitment to addressing fraud in international education while keeping the interests of international students at the forefront.