Studying in Canada

How to Check Study Permit Status

Learn how to easily check the status of your study permit application in Canada.

If you have applied to study in Canada, you must be eagerly waiting for the outcome of your application. Accordingly, you should constantly check your study permit status, as this document is crucial to going to Canada. 

From our experience, it’s essential to monitor the entire process because it can fluctuate due to processing times for study permits and immigration policies.

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Acquire comprehensive insight and knowledge of how to check study permit status in this article, which gives you detailed information about what a student permit entails and what checking study permit methods you have.

Here is a comprehensive overview of the content:

  • What is a study permit?
  • How to check your study permit status?
  • Using Canada's Official Immigration Website
  • Other methods to track the efficiency of your study permit status

What is a Study Permit?

If you plan to attend a course or program in Canada that lasts longer than six months, you will need a study permit. It’s a document provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that entitles international students to study at designated learning institutions (DLIs) in Canada. Depending on the country, you may also need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

Before the application, you should inspect all the necessary documents, such as an acceptance letter from a DLI institution and biometric data precision (your fingerprints and photo). To be eligible, you must be in good health, have no criminal record, and have sufficient financial resources for tuition and living expenses, such as proof of funds. You should know how to check your study permit status when you apply.

For your reference, after 90 days from the end of the program, study permits automatically become invalid. If you plan to continue your education, then you apply for an extension of your study permit. To avoid any consequences, such as student permit rejection, ensure that you submit all information as required by the IRCC.

If you want your check-in to go smoothly and quickly, consider BorderPass, and we'll help you gather the required documentation and submit an application for enrollment at a new Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

Importance of Monitoring Your Study Permit Status

By regularly monitoring the progress of your student permit status, you stay informed about your application. This way,  you can check that you have submitted all the necessary documents, such as a medical examination or a police certificate. There is an error detection capability; if you missed it, it’s possible to audit for consistency and resubmit them. Therefore, if you know how to check your study permit status, you will assess the completeness of your application.

Furthermore, if you are informed promptly about the status of your study permit, you can examine and prevent potential legal consequences in time and possible delays in sending certain documents you missed or scrutinize for errors you made.

For a faster way to check your status, you can use the application status tracker, but with the BorderPass dashboard, you will receive all necessary updates about your application, including any requested documents by IRCC.

How to Check Study Permit Status

However, you need to be aware of other options if you want to know how to check your study permit status.

Methods for tracking your study permit's status include online and offline approaches. On the official website, you will find information from the immigration authorities.

As your legal representative, we will apply for your visa application on your behalf. Meaning we will handle all government communications for you. You may live-track your application right in your BorderPass dashboard!

Using Canada's Official Immigration Website

The official Immigration Canada website will provide accurate and up-to-date information about your application process and track any changes that may affect your application. 

Using Canada's Official Immigration Website can be helpful for several important reasons:

  • Verifying accuracy and update frequency on Canadian immigration policies, procedures, and requirements
  • Third-party websites are unofficial sources that are unlikely to provide you with the clarity of information you can get directly from immigration authorities. Luckily, BorderPass is here for you to make you clear about rules and procedures.
  • There is no risk of scams or fraudulent activities that you may often encounter on unofficial websites.
  • Canada's Official Immigration Website provides authorized services regarding visas, student permits, their renewal or extension, immigration processes, and checking regularly your work permit status.

Besides the official website, you can get all the information in one place. As the most trusted source, BorderPass keeps you connected throughout the journey to Canada, giving you a transparent, authentic, and affordable experience.

How to Use Your Passport Number to Check Status Online

The most reliable source for using your passport number to check the status of your study permit online is  Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

You should follow the following steps:

  • Log in or create your IRCC account
  • Navigate to Application Status
  • Validating information such as your application number and personal details from your passport
  • The status indicates whether your application is in progress or approved or whether you will need to provide additional information.

If something is unclear to you when checking your status, you can contact Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and they will provide you with all the information you need and assess whether you meet the requirements.

Other Methods to Track Your Study Permit Status

There are other methods regarding the status of your application. One of them is receiving information via email. IRCC has a notification system and may send notifications about the status of your application.

Offline Methods to Check Visa Status

You can check your Canada visa status offline, so you will have to physically complete the entire process, visit certain institutions, and take the documentation to the site. To clarify, a visa is a document that allows you to enter Canada, while a study permit will enable you to stay and study in Canada.

These are the circumstances in which you can check your visa status:

  1. A visit to your country's Visa Application Center (VAC) or Canadian Embassy/Consulate. If you are unsure where exactly you should go, you can get directions on the official website of the Canadian government, or you can contact the Canadian embassies in your country
  2. Before going to the VAC or Canadian Embassy/Consulate, it is best to make an appointment if required, so check by phone
  3. Bring your passport and the documents required for your visa, including the application form, application reference number, and payment receipts.
  4. Upon arrival at the VAC or Embassy/Consulate, report to the counter, say that you have come to check your visa status, and then you will fill out certain forms that require your personal details, passport information, and application reference number, and don’t forget to review application details, and evaluate for approval. 
  5. Staff should process your application by accessibility the visa application system and checking the current status, whether your application is still being inspected, approved, or rejected
  6. You will be redirected to the following steps if the visa application is approved.

How to Check Your Status with Passport Number Offline

You need to have your passport and other relevant documents, followed by checking the status of your study permit application.

Sometimes, submitting documents and checking paperwork alone can be a lot of work, so we recommend online status checks, especially when they do it for you. That's why the BorderPass dashboard is an efficient platform that keeps you informed about everything in time and solves everything on your behalf.

Contacting Canadian Visa Offices

Canadian Visa Offices are here to support you in applying for visas, study, and work permits but also oversee the process. These are usually consulates established by the Government of Canada that aim to make it easier to enter Canada with immigration policies in mind. There are visa offices outside of Canada, which is good to know If you’re currently in India.

You can find helpful information about the application process and study permit processing time on the official IRCC website, or always choose BorderPass as your trusted source of information from the start of your application to your arrival in Canada.

Here are the key things about Canadian visa offices:

  • Canadian visa offices are located all over the world, including Asian countries. For example, there are offices in India where you can get information about what you need to enter Canada.
  • These visa offices evaluate various processes for visa applications, including visitor visas, study permits, work permits, and permanent residence. They review your applications based on established Canadian immigration regulations and rules.
  • As part of the application process, in some instances, you must provide biometrics such as a photograph and fingerprints to verify your identity.
  • You can always visit BorderPass if you need help with your application or want to check your application status.
  • Visa offices work with local authorities in your country to ensure the immigration process complies with local regulations.

Considering all these crucial aspects will help you better know how to check your study permit status and quickly secure your entry into Canada.

Key Takeaways

Based on our experience, you should know how to check the study permit status to complete the whole procedure before the program or course starts. In that case, you may live-track your application on the BorderPass dashboard.

As per our proficiency, being aware of the required documentation you need to apply for a study permit and the importance and methods of checking study permit status, you will ensure your application goes quickly and smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Frequently Are Application Processing Times Updated?

Our research shows that the average processing time for study permits in Canada is around 11 weeks, which can vary depending on the IRCC. Remember, many applicants awaiting confirmation may affect the processing time considering many applications. 

For example, there are programs that you can only apply for during a particular part of the year, which results in frequently changing processing times. From our experience, we recommend visiting the “Check the processing times” page on the IRCC site, where you can inspect for updates, which usually occur daily.

Can I Apply a Second Time if My Canadian Visa Application is Rejected?

If your Canadian Visa application is rejected, you can re-apply unless the letter says you can't for some reason. You can sign up again if you left out certain information when you signed up last time.

You can re-apply as soon as you receive a rejection, but you should only apply again if you can include information you didn't include before.

What Should I Do if My Visa Status Shows 'In Process' for a Long Time?

Sometimes, it's not just your application, but the process can take a long time due to many applications, rigorous security checks, and other external factors, and the confirmation speed is pretty low.

We advise you always to check the BorderPass dashboard, especially if the status of your application is still showing as "in progress" after a couple of months, as there may be a valid reason and explanation as to why this is so.

Studying in Canada

How to Check Study Permit Status

Learn how to easily check the status of your study permit application in Canada.

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Studying in Canada

How to Check Study Permit Status

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