Study Permit

Learn how to easily check the status of your study permit application in Canada.
Learn about the options and requirements for bringing your spouse to Canada while you study.
Find out how to locate and verify the DLI number on your Canadian study permit.
Discover the process for converting a study permit into a work permit in Canada.
This article outlines the process for changing a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number in Canada, detailing eligibility, required documentation, and steps for both in-country and overseas students.
This article provides a comprehensive guide on submitting additional documents to the IRCC Portal for immigration applications, outlining the types of required documents, the uploading process through services like BorderPass, and essential tips to ensure a smooth documentation process.
Canada has always excelled in education, so it's no surprise it’s a center for international students who want to embark on a path to a world-class education and a promising future.
Studying in Canada is a great investment in your education, but surely you want to monetize your knowledge at some point. In that case, you may want to know how to change a study permit to a work permit in Canada.
Understanding the pathways to permanent residency in Canada can initially seem overwhelming. There are various programs and requirements to transition from student to permanent resident. Navigating things like work experience and language proficiency tests can be confusing.
There are many things to consider when deciding to study in Canada as an international student. However, organizing your study permit might be the most important!
Unpack the reasons behind Canada study permit extension rejections and navigate the appeals process with expert tips for international students seeking resolution.
Navigate the best Canadian cities for Indian students, highlighting education quality, cultural fit, and job opportunities to ensure a fulfilling study abroad experience.
Discover the best part-time job opportunities for students in Canada, covering high-paying options, flexible schedules, and key tips for balancing work with studies.
Understand IRCC's review times for additional documents, exploring the process, factors affecting timing, and tips for a smoother immigration journey to Canada in this guide.
All the essential knowledge for Canadian study permit extensions, so international students can complete their studies.
Learn which of Canada's 1,300 schools are best for international students
Why you should study at one of Canada’s world-class educational institutions and immerse yourself in the multicultural country.
Explore the diverse accommodation options available for international students in Canada, including on-campus dormitories, off-campus shared apartments, homestays, and furnished or unfurnished student apartments, to find the perfect home for your study journey.
Learn the role and responsibilities of a rent guarantor for international students in Canada, including how to secure one.
Want to study in Canada? Here is an overview to get you started.
BorderPass is changing the Canadian immigration process.
Learn the benefits of PTE, where it's accepted, and how to prepare for a good score when applying to study or live in Canada.
Discover programs that have a proven record of post-graduation employment success
See why Canada has a global reputation as a top destination for learning.
Learn about biometrics, and when and how to provide them when studying in Canada
A complete reference for study permit processing time for international students.
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