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Get guidance and expertise from Canadian immigration lawyers to help prepare your strongest application

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Navigate Canada's immigration process with clear understanding and automatic updates

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Keep your critical documents organized and on-hand for a smooth border crossing into Canada with BorderPass' Document Vault

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Get housing, banking, mobile phone, internet, credit building, auto leases, and more—all with extensive services for BorderPass members

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Get personalized support for work permits, continued studies, and plan your path to permanent residence with our tools and guidance

Trusted partner of Canada's leading learning institutions
Ontario Tech University
Ontario Tech University

Feel safe, secure, and supported having Canadian Immigration Lawyers working for you ensuring you remain compliant and always put your best foot forward. The BorderPass platform also unlocks an expanding array of services to help you hit the ground running – as former international students ourselves, we understand the overwhelming feeling and do everything we can to relieve it.

Find a great place to stay and match with well-suited roommates for an amazing Canadian experience. Also add a layer of protection and accountability, ensuring your rights are protected and landlords are held accountable so that your housing is safe and fair.

BorderPass has partnered with Canada’s largest bank to offer you zero-cost banking and an automatically approved credit card, helping you be financially ready from day one. Also build your credit score by paying your rent - a product exclusive to BorderPass members – which unlocks better financial products, loans, and even employability.

BorderPass assists students in fulfilling immigration needs, such as co-op work permits, social insurance registrations, post-graduation work permits, and permanent residency applications. Rest assured that your efforts match your future goals, as we guide you from the outset in crafting a robust application.

BorderPass stands by international students with additional services and offers from tax filing, credit building, auto leases, loans, and beyond.

We help support every aspect of getting settled in your new country.

Trusted by thousands of international students and backed by Canadian lawyers to keep you safe

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“The IRCC portal can be overwhelming to use at times, so I'm grateful that BorderPass was able to help with reviewing and submitting my application.”

International Student from Nigeria

“I have a lot of friends and they already know they are going to use BorderPass because it's convenient, interactive and made my life so much easier.”

International Student from Pakistan

“I am so thankful to be here in Canada. I'm grateful for the effort, knowledge, and support of BorderPass—you helped get me here!”

International Student from Kenya

Why BorderPass?

Get expert legal guidance
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Access to Canadian lawyers helps you navigate the immigration process to and keep your journey moving ahead, from studying, to work, and through to permanent residence pathways.

Keep your future on-track
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Staying informed of immigration requirements can be complex. BorderPass will remind you of upcoming deadlines, document renewal dates, and legal updates so you can stay compliant and plan your future

Enjoy exclusive benefits
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Get great deals and offers on housing, banking, mobile, internet, and more through partnerships with leading providers—only for BorderPass Members

Stay up-to-date
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Jun 6

National Post reports on using BorderPass to diversify and improve student acceptance

Colleges and universities are using BorderPass' technology to diversify and improve international student acceptance rates

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Can I Bring My Wife to Canada While Studying?

Learn about the options and requirements for bringing your spouse to Canada while you study.

Field Report / Oct 31

Preparing for IRCC Reforms

Minister Marc Miller’s announcements on October 27 reflect the IRCC’s commitment to addressing fraud in international education while keeping the interests of international students at the forefront.

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