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Remove the bottleneck of immigration services

Agents are under constant pressure to enhance the international student experience and pathway to residency with limited digital solutions and resources in place. We're here to help.
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Let us manage immigration services so you can focus on growing your business.

BorderPass provides an advanced AI-powered software solution  to manage immigration services and maintains an ongoing relationship with students throughout their immigration journey.
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Increase revenue & approvals

High refusal rates often result
from lack of expertise,
knowledge, and quality with
completing visa applications.
Increase conversion rates for
International students with a
historical BorderPass approval
rating of over 90% globally.

Save time & costs

BorderPass takes care of every aspect of students' immigration needs so that you can focus on your core business: recruiting students. This allows you to save time, resources, and costs on any bottlenecks related to immigration services.

Attract more students

Obtaining a work permit is an essential immigration step for international students. Create employment pathways for International students that are aligned with their career goals, immigration goals, and the Canadian labor force needs.

Enhance Brand Recognition

BorderPass provides an AI-powered software solution where students get 24/7 support from immigration lawyers. The entire immigration process is managed for them, including applications for new visas with automatic prompts within the platform, enhancing the international student experience.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of the amazing International Students who have used BorderPass to take control of their immigration journey
"I am so thankful to be here in Canada. I'm grateful for the effort, knowledge, and support of BorderPass - you helped get me here!"
International Student from Kenya
"Prompt response times and helpful tips were critical factors lacking with most immigration lawyers from my experience."
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International Student from Nigeria
"The speed and quality of the application was impressive. My Canadian dream has become a reality thanks to BorderPass!"
International Student from Ghana
"Your support has given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams and further my education, and I am truly grateful for your assistance."
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International Student from Philippines
The IRCC portal can be overwhelming to use at times, so I'm grateful that BorderPass was able to help with reviewing and submitting my application.
International Student from Nigeria
"It was an easy and seamless process, awesome experience if am being honest. I am definitely using their services in future."
International Student from Nigeria
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