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National Post reports on using BorderPass to diversify and improve student acceptance

Colleges and universities are using BorderPass' technology to diversify and improve international student acceptance rates
Written on January 12, 2024 by Author Name

National Post reports, “In January, Canada announced that it would decrease the number of study permits issued to international students to approximately 360,000 in 2024, a 35 per cent decrease from 2023. The study cap limits each province and territory to a number of provincial attestation letters based on their respective populations.”

“Because new federal rules on international student mean spots are limited, Canadian schools need to be more selective when accepting candidates,” the report continues.

Using technology to improve accuracy and fairness

BorderPass uses its technology to gather additional information for our legal team, which promotes more accurate human decision-making. This helps our lawyers be more factual, fair, and efficient when reviewing immigration applications, promoting the responsible use of technology and helping improve outcomes for students, schools, and local communities alike.

Jonathan Sherman, Head of Sales and Partnerships at BorderPass, explains, “(The platform) provides accurate assessments of applicants’ chances for successful immigration and employment outcomes, helping to avoid unnecessary expenses and ensuring only the most qualified applicants are issued a PAL.”


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