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Empower students to take control of their immigration journey

Institutions are under constant pressure to enhance the international student experience and immigration pathways with limited digital solutions and resources in place. We're here to help.
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We enable international students to manage the immigration pathway with transparency and confidence

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Increase visa approvals

High refusal rates often stem from insufficient expertise, knowledge, and quality in completing applications and poorly set expectations. BorderPass' conversion rates for International students exceeds 90% globally, which reduces churn, enhances reputation and provides international students with realistic expectations regarding likelihood of obtaining a permit.

Meet diversity targets

Institutions are looking to diversify their international student population to reduce reliance on specific geographies and to ensure Canada's diverse population objectives are met. BorderPass allows DLI's to increase conversion rates in historically high risk geographies and receive real-time insights including students projected to receive acceptance and attend the DLI, filtered by region and program.

Transparency & Data

Most institutions rely on students' self-reporting as the primary method of data collection and reporting of immigration status, resulting in inaccurate and incomplete information. BorderPass provides institutions with a custom admin dashboard containing accurate, up-to-date aggregate data on students' immigration journey.

Brand Recognition

Institutions utilize BorderPass to bolster their reputation and attract more direct students by offering comprehensive support throughout the immigration process for those interested in remaining in Canada post-graduation. This includes creating employment pathways aligned with their career and immigration goals and Canadian labor market gaps.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of the amazing International Students who have used BorderPass to take control of their immigration journey
"I am so thankful to be here in Canada. I'm grateful for the effort, knowledge, and support of BorderPass - you helped get me here!"
International Student from Kenya
"Prompt response times and helpful tips were critical factors lacking with most immigration lawyers from my experience."
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International Student from Nigeria
"The speed and quality of the application was impressive. My Canadian dream has become a reality thanks to BorderPass!"
International Student from Ghana
"Your support has given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams and further my education, and I am truly grateful for your assistance."
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International Student from Philippines
The IRCC portal can be overwhelming to use at times, so I'm grateful that BorderPass was able to help with reviewing and submitting my application.
International Student from Nigeria
"It was an easy and seamless process, awesome experience if am being honest. I am definitely using their services in future."
International Student from Nigeria

Helping DLIs boost international student recruitment and conversion

Meet with our team now to see how we can work together. *Please note that these meetings are for school administrators only. If you are an agent , please see here. If you are an international student, please contact our support team at or use the live chat button at the bottom corner of the website.